Harshita Garg

The US presidential election 2020 was full of drama, excitement, confusion and controversies. The whole world watched with bated breath as Joe Biden was declared winner, despite Trump’s continued refusal to concede.

The analysis presented here is an attempt to understand how people of different ages, races and education levels felt towards the two election candidates- Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The questions that we would try to answer here are:

  1. Is there any interesting pattern in voters’ feelings and their demographic data like age, sex, race and education?
  2. Do feelings of voters towards different races and ethnicities…

Systematic steps for a complete machine learning project

Every year millions of people die in the world due to motor accidents on the roads. The accidents result not just in the casualties, but also in the loss of life, life-changing injuries, and the damage of property. In this project, with the help of data analytics techniques, we would aim to identify the critical factors that might contribute to the occurrence of accidents on the roads. We will then train machine learning models to classify the accidents into 3 classes — mild, serious or fatal.

1. Data collection

I have used accident and vehicles…

I worked on the same dataset. I liked how you made heatmaps by percentage of accidents. For me the performance went up by doing feature engineering - mean encoding of the road names. I would like to see your code if possible.

How do different factors affect the wages of players in the FIFA19 game dataset

FIFA is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and FIFA 19 is part of the FIFA series of football video games. It is one of the best-selling video games of all times and is extremely popular among children and adults alike.

In this article, we will try to analyze the FIFA dataset to see which key factors affect the wages of the players in the game. The dataset can be downloaded from here. In this analysis, we will aim to answer the questions like ; Does…

Learn to scrape data from the twitter and perform topic modelling in R

January 2021 was an important month in the US political history for many reasons. First, because Joe Biden was declared the winner of US presidential election 2020. Second, because hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building to show their support for Donald Trump. Third, because Covid vaccination rollout began in January. During all these events, lots of tweets were made by global political leaders about the events happening around.

In this analysis project, let’s try to scrape the tweets made by Joe Biden from the twitter during the last month and do topic modelling by dividing them into different…

Exams can be stressful, but not if you plan in advance

When I decided to enroll in the MSc course after a long gap in studies, I knew it was not going to be easy. But what I did not realize was I would be neck-deep in the assignments, lectures, and exams. With the family responsibilities and a job, I knew I did not have the luxury of a lot of time and I knew whatever I study, I must make it count. The best way to gain an understanding of a subject is to study regularly and read a lot. …


MSc - Data Analytics, Data Enthusiast, Love finding hidden patterns in data

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